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Forex Instruments

We are proud to offer our traders a state-of-the-art platform that incorporates the most advanced trading tools. We have added widgets for advanced charting, an embedded economic calendar, and real-time indicators to help you make informed decisions about market movements.

GreenFields Capital has crafted a complete set of distinct trading instruments so that you can find the options that help you the most. Try each of our tools and stick with the ones that work for you.

Long term trades

These orders are meant to stay open for a time frame that runs from one day up to one year. Experienced investors can take advantage of an asset’s historical cycles of planned economic events. Bold traders willing to wait for profits should explore this as an opportunity to benefit from market volatility.

Forex Terminology


The majors are the most intensely traded currency pairs in the forex market. The four major pairs include EUR/USD,  GBP/USD, AUD/USD, EUR/GBP.


Any currencies that don’t come in paired with the U.S. dollar are called minors. These currencies have wider spreads and are not as liquid as their majors rivals. Nevertheless, they are considered substantially liquid assets.


Rare and extraordinary currency pairs that are usually illiquid and traded at low volumes are referred to as exotic.

Forex Terminology


Raw or primary products that you can buy or sell, and which are essentially identical regardless of the producer.


Stocks or shares are a portion of a company that a trader can purchase. Stocks you can invest in include Apple, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and more.


Indices are collections of stocks that can be traded together.  For example NASDAQ, FTSE 100, CAC, and more.


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